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We work closely with each couple to find the perfect wedding venue to match your budget and expectations. We focus on making the whole experience positive and enjoyable from the planning stages to the wedding day and also the honeymoon and holiday after you are married. And we love, LOVE, love weddings!

Phuket has a wide range of scenic luxury villas for intimate weddings for small groups right up to huge villas that can host over 100 wedding guests. A villa wedding will give you privacy and comfort and really impress your guests. And your closest family and friends can stay at the villa with you for your time in Phuket with a private chef, driver, villa staff in a beautiful place. You’ll want to stay forever!

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Weddings in Phuket

Phuket has a wide range of scenic, luxury villas for intimate weddings for small groups right up to huge villas that can host over 100 wedding guests. We talk with you first then show you villas that are a good fit for your wedding. And your problem will be which one to choose.

Weddings in Phuket

We are your Wedding Planner in Phuket

When choosing a villa for your wedding day you need to first consider location, number of guests and budget.Do you want to be near the shopping and nightlife of Phuket, on an island off Phuket or on the most private and isolated part of our tropical island? Each of these have their own advantages and will also depend on your vision of the wedding day and also days before and after the main event.

Most villas feature ocean views, beach access or only garden access. A villa with only garden access will be more affordable and still very beautiful. So the option of having the wedding ceremony in the garden and then going to the beach for photos is also a popular choice for budget conscious couples.

How many guests are you inviting? Many couples invite a certain number of guests but expect a lower number to attend. In our experience almost everyone you invite will come. it’s very tempting to attend a wedding in Thailand and if you give guests enough notice to plan and save for the trip then most will be there. So we need to find a villa to fit the maximum number of guests that might come and also budget for that number.

Finally we know you have a budget to keep to. We will talk you through your priorities for spending and recommend vendors to fit your requirements. For some couples food will be the most important investment while others will place it on florals or entertainment. All of these details will be considered at the beginning so we find the perfect place for you.

Every wedding we create is unique, carefully planned, elegant and with an enthusiasm that is positive and energetic.

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